Master Programme: The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)

How were Judaism, Christianity and Islam formed? How did these three religions and their interaction shape the emerging European culture and society?

These are pivotal questions addressed in this international Master Programme.

A joint and international programme

The Master Programme is offered in cooperation between the six Nordic universities of Aarhus, Bergen, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lund and Oslo. Compact seminars are organised at all these institutions as well as in Nordic institutes in the Mediterranean area. RRE offers a truly international education with perspectives for a subsequent career in research and education as well as in governmental and private institutions, organisations and companies were the need for knowledge on religion and culture is increasingly recognised.

The programme was launched in autumn 2009

    • Admission
      *  Entrance requirements
      * Application
    • Theme: The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)
    • Structure, teaching and travelling
      * Lists of courses
    • Study plan
    • E-learning, AULA
    • Your outcome and career
    • Host universities
      *  Six Nordic universities
      * International centres and student life
      * Key academic areas
      * RRE at the host institutions
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    • Video: Religious Roots of Europe

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    • Video: Students interviewing students on The Religious Roots of Europe masters programme

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