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Entrance requirements

The Master’s Programme is open to students with a bachelor’s degree with a major in theology, the study of religion, classical philology, classical archaeology, history or the equivalent. The Master’s Programme with its modules and courses progresses from the learning outcome, knowledge, skills and abilities obtained by the students through these bachelor’s programmes. For the special entrance requirements concerning language (ancient and modern) see Study Plan article 4.


Applicants apply, according to their own preference, for admittance at one of the six Host Institutions, in accordance with the application procedure obtaining at this University, see:

•        RRE at Aarhus University

•        REE at The University of Bergen

•        REE at the University of Copenhagen

•        RRE at the University of Helsinki

•        REE at Lund University

•        REE at the University of Oslo

Applicants must document (by submitting a certified transcript or bachelor certificate stating the subjects studied and the grades obtained) that they have completed or are completing a relevant bachelor degree and that they have obtained a sufficient proficiency in the specified ancient languages as well as in English.

Application procedures, admission requirements and selection criteria follow the rules at the individual Host Institutions.