Host universities

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Six Nordic universities

The Master Programme The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE) is offered in cooperation between six Faculties/Centres from six Nordic universities working together for the purpose of running this Programme:

•        Faculty of Arts - Aarhus University

•        The Faculty of Humanities - University of Bergen

•        The Faculty of Theology - University of Copenhagen

•        The Faculty of Theology - University of Helsinki

•        The Centre for Theology and Religious Studies - Lund University

•        The Faculty of Theology - University of Oslo

International centres and student life

Each of the six universities has a well developed international student milieu and is used to welcome students from all over the world.

Key Academic Areas

The six institutions recognize each others competences and know that they can supplement each other with peak areas of internationally recognised expertise creating a synergy that would otherwise not be available. To learn about the special areas of academic strength of relevance to this programme at each of the cooperating institutions please visit the following pages:

RRE at the host insititutions

•        RRE at Aarhus University

•        REE at The University of Bergen

•        REE at the University of Copenhagen

•        RRE at the University of Helsinki

•        REE at Lund University

•        REE at the University of Oslo