Your outcome and career

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RRE will give you

  • International experience.
  • Advanced knowledge about the religious traditions at the root of European culture in their formative periods.
  • A deeper understanding of the formative processes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the parallels and differences between the three traditions, and the interaction of their followers.
  • The ability to apply and to use relevant scholarly methods and to understand and to describe these theoretically.
  • Skills to communicate your knowledge of the subject matter, and your theoretical insights and to transmit the acquired methodsto others, both orally and in writing.
  • The tools to evaluate critically the role of the three religions in contemporary society.

Career prospects

As a graduate from this programme you will qualify for innovative scholarly work and for further education, e.g. in PhD-programmes, as well as for teaching on religion and intercultural relations. You will also be able to enter into specialised occupations in government institutions or organisations dealing with culture, integration, diplomacy etc. and in private firms for example with business relations with the Middle East.

Your effort and your career

Expertise on religions, their interaction and their role in society and culture is increasingly recognised as important to society. The task of opening the door from the general recognition of this to a specific career in private companies, organisations and public administration is best fulfilled through your ingenuity, openness and creativity.